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Mini Cargo Vans


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I'm  a working musician and have been using my 2012 Mitsubishi Outlander GT (3.0l V6, with 6-speed auto trans) to haul my equipment for years.

I have considered getting a cargo trailer so I can avoid extra loading/unloading.  My Mitsubishi works well, and I've towed with is several times, but I don't want to risk transmission issues

I am considering buying one of the small cargo van (Nissan NV200, Ford Transit, etc). Does anyone have any experience with anything along these lines in terms of reliability, features, reasonably-priced,  etc?

I see fleets of them being used by plumbers, carpenters, etc.....not to mention Amazon, UPS, and USPS.....



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i'd look for a good used ford E-150. they last forever if you get one with the 5.0 V 8.

Check your utility companys, they usually have them for sale.


I've heard that Mercedes Sprinters are the best work vans to use, followed by the Ford Transit. The Ram Promasters should be avoided cause they're Fiats and Fiats are generally unreliable.


I wouldn't want to own any of them after 100k miles.


The nv200’s don’t seem to have many issues from my own experience