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Noise when turning left


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I have a honda civic 2010 M/T.

Today as I drove off work, I started hearing a constant noise and the faster I go, the louder it gets. It's not a metallic or clunking noise, more like the sound it makes when you press brakes on a bicycle, the wheel being slowed down by the brakes. I stopped in a parking lot, tightened my nuts just to be sure (just changed to my winter tires), then I drove back and it only does it when I turn left.

Also the sound is constant but it gets a bit louder repetitively, as I slow down it gets slower and the "beat" also gets farther and farther apart, just like an helicopter shutting off.

The sound gets louder the faster I go, but there is none up to 5-10 mph and it's not extremely loud.


Any help is appreciated.

Update: The noise stopped after leaving it parked for 2 hours.


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Put the other tires back on and see if it stops.