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My car occasionally stalls after starting


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Scotty I got a 1998 Pontiac Sunfire, 200000 miles, automatic transmission, and sometimes when I start it and put it in gear and move a couple feet the engine just stalls and turns off and the battery light pops up on the gauge cluster, I don’t know why though because the battery is fine, it’s not dead. After this happens I’m able to restart the car just fine like nothings wrong, it runs good once I get going, the battery light turns off, it doesn’t stall after this. Other times the RPMs drop and the engine almost stalls but I’ll give it a few seconds and it goes back to running normally. This only happens occasionally, once every few days, most of the time I start it and it gets going just fine. What do you think could be causing this problem?

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Try my video. Make your car run better with a spray cleaner. It's on YouTube that often helps. If not, it could be your fuel pump starting to go out but as long as it eventually starts sometimes you can drive them years that way. Until it won't run it all then you have to replace the fuel pump