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C4 corvette starting troubles


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This past week, I put a new exhaust on my '86 C4 corvette and after doing so it started up great the first time. When I tried to start it back up to get home, there was nothing more than what sounded like a relay click. Fortunately, it's a standard so with a bump start I got it back home for diagnosing. To start off with, battery is at 12.2V car off, power to the thick starter wire is the same when the battery is connected. When I try to crank, the signal wire gets about 10.6V to the starter with absolutely nothing happening from the starter. I then took the starter to oreillys to get it tested, and it passed the test. The starter is about 6 months old, I have replaced the original one.  What in the world am I overlooking? Thank you to anybody for your help!

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1. 12.2 volts is way too low. So either your battery is shot or you have a wiring short somewhere or loose connection then you start to lose voltage because the corroded wiring are broken. Wiring takes too much energy and uses voltage at too high of a level