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Need suggestion for "restomod" engine and transmission


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For a 1967 Ford F100 "Camper Special". 352 V8 and it's automatic.

I've inherited my father's truck. It's all stock but restored by him 30 years ago. Transmission was blown about 18 years ago. I want to keep the body and the truck in his memory. And I need a pickup and figured if I was going to get me a pickup it might be cheaper to update the engine and transmission than doling out 40k for a newer one. 


I just don't know what's a good ford engine and transmission. I'm not an amateur mechanic or pro so sorry if I'm not being absolutely clear. Just need a point in the right direction.




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For the engine, look into the V8 engine Ford used in the Crown Victoria. IIRC, it might be the same engine in the F-Series trucks. 

The Crown Vic is a pretty resilient platform  so I imagine the engine will be too.