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Reverses in all gears


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Car wouldn’t start so I bypassed the neutral safety switch like Scotty did in this video


now it starts up just fine but backs up in all gears even park, had to put the e brake on so it wouldn’t move. 
04 cavalier 

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backs up in all gears even park

Open the hood - locate the transmission range sensor, when moving the gear shifter, does it move?

Connect an OBDII scanner and look at live data, does the "transmission range" change correctly?


Sure sounds like your shift linkage is messed up. Might have even come loose from the transmission.

Okay, so bypassing the safety switch shouldn’t have anything to do with it?

No, in fact the reason the safety switch probably needed to be bypassed is because the transmission is actually in reverse no matter what the shifter position.

Okay that makes sense, thanks for the info