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need your advice on toyota previa


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hello sir how are you?

i loved to watch your videos i am not mechanic and its giving me more then enough knowledge to understand about cars maintenance so big thank you for that 

i just bought 1991 toyota previa changed valve cover gasket spark plugs pcv valve distributor o rings 

but it makes tickling noise and knocking sounds and has rough idle

it has 282000 kms on it  

i have just changed synthetic oil i think i made a mistake 

nw it does not run good 

need your advise for running that van batter 

thanks and have a good day

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Yes I would ditch the synthetic oil and re-change it and put in Castrol normal oil. I realize those engines often make noise as they age it might need valve adjusting but try the oil first those cars aren't made for light synthetic oil

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thank you very very much for your reply 

right away ill do that 

have a good day