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Oil Pan Stripped? Can I salvage it?


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Hi Scotty and community. 

2016 Honda CRV with 90,000 miles. I’m not the original owner.  During the last oil change I wasn’t able to put the oil plug back properly as the oil pan is stripped.


I removed the crush washer and was able to get the bolt back in and “tight” but I don’t trust it staying for long.


my thought was: 

can I use a thread tap and make my oil plug M16x1.5?


has anyone done something like this before? Or is my only reasonable option to get the oil pan replaced. Getting a couple of quotes for about $800-$1,000 for a new one.

what should I do?  Thanks 

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upsize or timesert

Thanks for the info. I’ve been googling it and this looks great. Now, silly question perhaps.
But it the oil pan bolt is M14x1.50,
Is that what I should buy from time sert? Or since the original is M14x1.50, do I need to look for a bigger size?

then you install an M14x1.50 insert so you can use an OEM drain plug


I stripped the thread on my transmission pan on my 98' 4Runner.

I pulled the pan off and tapped it one size up, worked fine. Should be pretty much the same for the oil pan.

You may want to use one of the fumoto drain valve while you are doing it, to avoid the same issue in the future.