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Which cheap minivan should I turn into a camper?


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Looking to buy a used minivan for $2-3000 to turn into a camper/ road trip vehicle.  What should I be looking for? What should I stay away from? Purchasing from private party.

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Used van prices have skyrocketed because everyone wants one.This is something I keep an eye on, and prices have at least doubled over the last 7 years.

I see a lot of people living out of them.

You won't find anything good AND cheap.


Anyway Siennas have lots of room and they're reliable. You should consider SUV's too.


At that price, you might have trouble finding even a “fired out Kombi”. Take what you can find that passes inspection.  Maybe one that is marked down because the interior is trashed (which you will probably replace anyway).  Or maybe someone else’s half finished project.


The Chrysler minivans are a good choice. I have an '04 Town and Country and it has held up well.

Do not buy the Kia Sedona/Carnival or the Honda Odyssey.