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[Solved] Overcharged at dealership


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Hey scotty good evening, I just bought my first car, a CPO 2020 Hyundai Kona SEL and I love it, however I think I got played by the dealer, big time! The car was listed on their website for $22,000, and with all the dmv fees, NY state taxes ($2135) and the $3,500 warranty, it comes out to $28,052.63. That’s what me and my dad and the finance manager Jessica agreed on upon signing the papers last night with a $6,500 down payment.

However, I just looked at the invoice I received and now it says the total price is $34,406.00. How the heck did a $22K Kona jump $12K like that??? Basically a brand new Santa Fe costs that much.. then it says the $6,500 down payment I made is subtracted from the $34,406 and not the $28K it’s supposed to be. Nothing on the invoice shows anything to justify this $34,400 figure they’re showing here. Is the extra $8K for their Christmas party, I mean what the heck man? 🤷‍♂️What do I do about this, and if I should return the vehicle, I’m so upset because my mom brought from the same dealership and never had this shady stuff going on like this, maybe because I’m a new driver they took advantage of that.. can anyone help me on this and what I should do? Also how do I send you guys a picture of the invoice to show you what I mean? 

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Back out!

Yup, and fast!


Going to a dealership these days is a guaranty of one or all of the following -

1.  Getting lied to

2.  Getting over charged

3.  Getting ripped off

Unfortunately, you signed documents you didn't read or understand.  These days, you practically need an attorney with you before you sign anything. 


Depends on where you live. I would contact the dealer first and see if they will correct the error. Then if they say no post a detailed complaint with

Your state attorneys general office is the next step. The FTC just came out with a bunch of rules to prevent stuff like this but I don't know what the enforcement mechanism is once you report it.  Unfortunately you have to do the leg work. You have to be your own advocate. Hopefully you can document the advertised price vs the contract price. Dealers know exactly what they are doing. Guarantied that add was pulled the instant the car was sold. You can do all the searches but the add has mysteriously disappeared never to be recovered. Be ready with documentation.


They raked you over the coals. That's why it's so important to carefully read all documents and check all figures before signing.

Instructions for photos are in the "Read this first" post at the top of the topic list.


Either link to it in a Google Drive or iPhoto Link. Or use a service like to upload a copy.  And then share the link here. 

neither of those allow hotlinking