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Problems With Recently Installed Ignition Coils


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Hello. I'd like to know what the lifespan/longevity of my car's ignition coil should be. I replaced the entire set of ignition coils in my 2003, V6 Toyota Highlander last year, but I've started having trouble with them again barely a year later. 

Did you use OEM or aftermarket ignition coils?

Gosh, I never even bothered about details like OEM. Just trusted my mechanic 🥺

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Do they have a warranty?


When you replace coils, you should replace plugs and wires at the same time.

Bad plugs/wires will cause your coils to roast and fail.


Well the factory Toyota generally last a really long time but if you went aftermarket with cheaply made Chinese copies some of them don't last 5 minutes