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Troubleshooting Resources


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Troubleshooting Resources
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(website of Jason Fenske of Engineeering Explained).  His Lessons link goes over the many aspects of a car and how they work (more in depth but still suitable for anyone).

good YT videos


(Weber Auto Channel at Weber State University - YouTube Channel)

This channel features technical videos by John Kelly from the Department of Automotive Technology who teaches at Weber State University.  He presents technical content related to Hybrid and Electric Vehicle technology, Automatic Transmission technology, Manual Drivetrain technology, and Vibration Diagnostic technology.  This is great for those who want to dig deeper into the inner workings of their vehicles (automotive engineers, mechanics, DIYers).

I've seen these. I like the live demos with actual working parts.


Videos from a Toyota Master Tech which include reviews of various Toyota models (including issues), proper maintenance, tips, explanation of various tech in Toyotas, etc.

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Ken Sullivan's Autoshop 101

Offering Free Online Tutorials, ASE Practice Tests, and Technical Articles.


This link provides engine specs, details, problems/issues, and overall reliability assessment for most engines from each automaker.  Just click on the automaker followed by the engine of interest.

Not all engines are listed.


(GoTech Technical Specialists Diagnostic Training Videos - YouTube Channel)

The channel above features in-depth diagnostic training videos by ASE Master and L1 Certified technicians.


The link below provides articles (written by an automotive technician) on troubleshooting/diagnostics/tutorials for Chrysler, Ford, GM, Honda, Isuzu, Jeep, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suzuki, and VW vehicles.

here are some more sites in the same vein
(diagnosing problems, testing sensors, common problems, how things works, etc.)


YouTube Channel (Ratchets and Wrenches) with videos (for DIYers) which explain the basics of how a vehicle runs as well as how to troubleshoot/fix issues.




Bonus Auto Repair Videos:



A lot of useful stuff about Toyota maintenance. It seems to be Russian site but there are still enough topics in english language too (I wish all of them were translated 😀)


Chris Fix channel, has some good tips and tricks and in-depth videos on all kinds of things.