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Should I buy this 2016 Camaro?


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Hey all, just wanted some purchase advice. Looking at a 2016 Camaro 2SS from a dealership, 70,730 miles, automatic, and a few add-ons like a tall wing and louvers. Listed price is $32,999.

The biggest problem I'd say is the dealership is 150 miles away. I do plan on asking about other prices over the phone, but how can I get a mechanic to see the vehicle pre purchase?

Sorry if I lack detail, ironically I get more anxious posting on forums than when talking to strangers.

Thank you!


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No, I'm not a fan of Camaros and I'd never buy one. Generally, people rag the heck out of them. The quality control when they build them garbage these days. But if you're real serious, it's going to be a hard thing going that far and finding a mechanic. People used to say to me Scotty I'll take you with me. And I say yeah you're going to pay me $150 an hour to ride with you in a car 300 miles and then check it out. I don't think so. You might try to contact someone in that area that does mobile repair and checks out cars. A lot of places have mobile mechanics that do that


See below:  I would avoid it, especially being first model year of that generation with the 8-speed automatic which is a weak link for GM vehicles (in general) and the mileage.


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I get more anxious posting on forums

Hey welcome! Dont worry about it, we all make typos and say the wrong thing sometimes lol.

I'd pass for 2 reasons:

A. That's way too much money, I bought a new WRX for that much 2 years ago (avoid dealerships for used cars, they're over priced). Unless you can knock them down a good bit.


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automatic, and a few add-ons like a tall wing and louvers

The wing & louvers makes me think it was driven by a young car enthusiasts, and probably beat the snot out of it. So the engine & trans probably are a bit worn. 


Welcome first timer!

Definitely needs a prepurchase inspection.  If you can’t find a reputable local mechanic, try searching “lemon squad”. 

Thing is, you have to find out why the previous owner traded it in... not why the dealer says or what they told the dealer. I guarantee you it has a problem; if you don’t know what it is, don’t buy it.