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Shuddering & fuel guzzling w/ AC on


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2012 Chevy Cruze, 1.4L Turbo, 103k miles.

So, recently my car has been shuddering when I accelerate, delayed shifting, like it feels like it is dragging and seems to shift late and all over the place, and I have noticed excessive fuel consumption. Like, I used almost a quarter of a tank going to work and back. 34 mile round trip on a car that averages 35mpg. Now, the kicker, I recently turned the ac on because it is now 90 every day by me. Please, any suggestions? Transmission, compressor and computer modules are under and extended warranty so I’m not terribly worried but it is still annoying af. Thanks.

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My sister had a Cruze and once she hit 90k miles all sorts of things started going bad. If I remember she went thru 2 transmissions in 110k miles, the 1st one went around 65k miles. In the end she got rid of it and got a Honda Civic. You've likely reached the end of the transmission's life. They're (Cruze's) not know for any longevity.

Im wondering if it has to do more with my ac. I didn’t have any of these issues until i started using my ac this week. Im wondering if it is putting too much strain on the engine because it is worn out. It is weird because at high speeds, it cools fine. But I notice gas usage increases and the car runs rough at in-town speeds.


If the compressor is going out, it will put a heavy load on the engine. You said this happens with the AC on?  I would have the compressor checked for proper operation. 

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on a car that averages 35mpg.

I'd say you're doing ok.