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Should I use some lucas stop leak transmission fluid?


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I have a 2007 Chevy Impala LTZ with a 3.9L engine and it shifts alright for the milage but can be a little jerky I know Scotty said it was great on old american cars but was wondering if I should try it out. I don't know much of the history of my car off the top of my head since my car had multiple owners and it's my first car. I have 177k miles on it. If i should use some Lucas stop slip transmission fluid how much should i add?

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Though the Lucas anti-slip can help you get a couple more years out of a slipping transmission, you might want to wait until your trans is more than "a little jerky". Perhaps you have a friend or relative with considerable experience with cars who could give you a second opinion on  whether the trans is acting OK for an older car or not.

Scotty has demonstrated using the Lucas treatment, and sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't.


Yeah I remember him saying that, my transmission sometimes is a bit slow say for example I go to step on the pedal to speed up on the highway and my car gets stuck going the same speed for a few seconds then... wam it comes back. There are also a few times when stopped at a red light and when I accelerate when the light turns green I press on the gas pedal and the car gets stuck going at a slow speed then it jerks back to life a few seconds later. It's definitely worn just don't know if it's worn enough to consider using the lucas stuff


When was the last time the transmission fluid and filter were changed?  What is the condition of the fluid now?

Sadly don't have the information on the transmission fluid being changed since this is car had multiple owners and I never changed it since I owned it. I will check the fluid on the transmission though.