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Sound coming from under engine


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Hey scotty 2019 grand Cherokee 5.7 23k miles. When my car is idling I hear a growling sound that comes and goes almost like when the belt is spinning and when it comes to a point it makes the sound and then goes away. What could it possibly be?

Here’s a video of the sound if anyone can please help me out for a possible diagnosis.

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High pitch noise or deep noise? Can be belts or pulley. My subaru started with a slight noise every now or then.then over 3 months it was a low but constantly whining then got louder it ended up being a bearing for my alternator pulley.

Dirt got into my engine bay muddy roads and over time it became an issue

Posted by: @hemijoe267

What could it possibly be?

Surely it’s too soon for any of the pulleys to already be worn. But anyway, see here for  diagnosis - 

Don't call me Surely. @itwt, never overestimate the quality of Chrysler Corp. parts. 23K miles sounds about right for their stuff.

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2019 grand Cherokee 5.7 23k miles is making a strange sound at idle here’s a link to what is sounds like just have to listen closely. Any input will be greatly appreciated trying to avoid going to the  dealership .