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Subaru Legacy 2019 Precautions


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Hey Scotty, I'm buying a used 2019 Subaru Legacy with an automatic transmission with 40K miles on it from a Subaru dealer and I would really appreciate any recommendations and precautions to look for so my engine doesn't explode. I am getting it certified from the dealership and refusing the extended warranty.  I chose a subaru because it has AWD and I've heard they're reliable for midwestern weather.


Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Your videos are amazing and so informative. One of the best automotive channels on the internet!

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You have less to fear from the engine than the transmission. Late-model Subaru engines have been good as long as maintained, but the CVT is the weakest part of the car. Don't abuse it and don't listen to Subaru's claim that they use "lifetime" fluid, change it every 30K-40K miles. In fact the CVT fluid probably has not been changed yet so that should be the first order of business.


Forester traditionally is a great vehicle, change transmission fluid every 30k mi, ptu fluid change every 30k-50k mi and change oil every 3k mi. Coolant every 3 yrs and honestly that car has the potential to go for awhile. 


Do your “due diligence” but it should be fine.  The transmission on a legacy is unlikely to have been abused or towed.