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2007 SHELBY GT500 buy or not


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I'm looking at a 2007 SHELBY GT500 manual transmission. It has 17500 miles and was driven by an elderly gentleman. He is asking $36500. Is this car even worth it? I know they are super fun, but is the price even close to reasonable? 

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Plenty of those GT500's have low miles. I have sold some this year with under 10k on the clock. Guys bought them thinking they would be collectible, but they made too many. They are not like the Shelby's of old.

You don't say if it is coupe or convertible, but either way that's a fair deal...not great. That car would retail at a dealer in Houston for about that, and that's at a dealer. I find a great many private owners of those cars overvalue them as they tend to be older and think the Shelby name means it is worth its weight in gold.

Of course, if it is worth it to you then so be it. But that GT500 is 3 generations old. You had the 2010-2012 GT500's, the 2013-2014 Trinity models, and now the 2020 GT500. When you get close to $40k, you can move to a 2010-2012 model. IMO I'd look for one of those, OR a cheaper S197 GT500. 


I know ford has those problems with the manual transmissions. Is this car affected? How can I find out?

That car does not have the MT-82 Chinese junker. That was back when they were using quality Tremec units. The MT-82 first showed up in 2011. So they are all ok. They use the TR-6060 units.

Thanks. It is the coup (not convertible). The guy was crazy and was originally asking like $41,000 for the car, so I doubt he will go much lower beyond $36,500. If I buy it, I wouldn't have sales tax, which should also save another 8% or so. With this in mind, would the 36500 be a good price?


Eh if it’s in good shape and checks out I personally think that price isn’t to bad. It would be a fun weekend car. 


A fourteen year old car with only 17,500 miles?  I don't believe that at all.  And how badly beat on was this "sports" car.  That's a lot of money to be spending on a future lawn ornament.


Very cool car. Got to drive one back in 2011 when I worked for a used car dealer. Car is an animal! If it checks out, ALWAYS do a little squeezing on the price! Price only matters to your comfort level