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Truck stalled in the middle of the road


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I got a 1998 c1500 w/5.0 engine with about 200k miles. Truck is really reliable and I have maintained it quite well. Truck stalled out while I was driving and i could not get it to start up again. Luckily, i was able to coast it to a paking lot. At first I thought it was the fuel pump but i can hear it working and had previously replaced it. I checked the fuel pressure and it was good. I can't find any vacuum leaks and everything seems to be conected. Air filter is clean too. I can't find what the problem could be. Maybe distributor cap? Please advise?

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It may be the ignition control module, if you have one on that engine.  Check all the plug in electrical connections at the distributor, it may just be a loose connection.


spray some starting fluid into the throttle body

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Turns out it was my distibutor cap. Replaced it and the rotar and truck came back to life!

Nice work and thanks for reporting back.