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[Solved] Trying to identify this part and a noise


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2013 RX350 AWD 


I'm getting an occasional, but loud thunk in the rear. 

I was under there, pulling, pushing, twisting, banging trying to get any clues. Everything is tight except this one part that I can't seem to find anywhere what it might be. Rock auto, diagrams, Lexus forums. 

Hopefully the link works. It sits right in the middle of the rear cross member (if I'm talking about the right part) 

It's like a tiny leaf spring / dampener. Wondering if this could be it but I don't know if I can find it or even need it. Maybe it's not even my noise. 

Hopefully the link works.

2 Answers
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Found it. 

Rear diff dynamic rear damper. 

Part 4119648030


You probably just need to tighten up that bolt