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[Solved] Reinstalling Driveshaft


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I got my Ranger's driveshaft back from the driveline shop today. The rear end was out of balance by 3 oz. The front end was out of balance by 2 oz, slightly offset from the rear, interestingly. They replaced the U-Joints as well. I noticed they cleaned the brackets for the flanges and took off the marks that I made to keep the shaft in the same orientation as it was when I took it off. Will that be an issue, or will it be fine since we know for sure it is balanced correctly? When you bolt in a driveshaft, do you do it the same way you tighten lugnuts on a wheel, and finger tighten them all, then tighten to spec in a criss-cross pattern, or does it not really matter? 


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It shouldn't matter now that it's properly balanced.  Next time, put your witness marks in with a chisel.  Your torque sequence is perfect.  Put a thin layer of grease on the flange mating surfaces to avoid rust.  And use anti seize on the threads.

Good thinking on putting grease and anti-seize on. The shop that did the tranny didn't do that and it was tough to get out. I'm curious how this is going to affect the way the truck drives. I'm going to install it tomorrow morning.


If they rebalanced the shaft, then your marks are no longer relevant.

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I put the driveshaft in today, and wow, there is a big difference. I'm really surprised how much smoother the ride is. The driveshaft vibration was subtle and I thought it was because it's an old, worn truck. That weird wagging sensation when I accelerate from a stop is gone, as is the hard thud when I go to accelerate when already moving. It was worth the $148.


The intermittent thud on the 2-1 downshift is still there, I can hear it, but I can't feel it in the seat like before. I'm assuming at this point it's something inside the transmission that the shop did wrong. I'll probably live with it. 

Yep, a balanced driveshaft with new universal joints makes a big difference. I had the driveshaft in my '71 Ambassador rebuilt years ago and it was like a different vehicle afterwards.