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Should I buy a distant, low-miles SUV without mechanic inspection?


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Looking for '22 Highlander, FWD, found car far away. Can you buy a used SUV low miles without mechanic checkout under 20K miles?

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I would not do that if you value your money. The thing could have been flooded, had major collision damage, been stolen, abused, etc.


Why is a 2 year old Toyota product already being listed for sale?  Makes me wonder, but it could also be nothing.  However, how would you know?  You need a mechanic to look at it, unless you yourself know what to look for.  I usually inspect vehicles myself but then again I know what to look for.


It’s usually best to have a mechanic check it out. A lot can happen in 20K miles. 


Please don't shout at us. You can do what you want, it's your money, if you want to waste it and possibly buy a flooded out or possibly stolen vehicle, you only have yourself to blame if it turns out to be a dud. 

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