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Vehicle drifts to both sides shaky steering wheel


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2011 toyota  camry wheels vibrates and drifts to both sides of road.  Replaced front controls arms and struts.  Wheel turns over bumps. Steering wheel has a slight shake side to side.  Wheel is not totally straight.  Tires wear out quickly.  17,000 dollars in repair work and nobody can fire out problem.  There is also vibration in accelatoe pedal.  Frustrated.

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I don't know where you have been taking the vehicle but it sounds like you need a real professional alignment specialist, not a chain store or dealer to diagnose and solve this problem for you.

Posted by: @mel78

 17,000 dollars in repair work

wow you could have bought a new car for that much, and it still doesn't work right.

You need to say sayonara to your mechanic!