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vw jetta 2002 1.8T Transmission problem


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i have a 2002 1.8T VW Jetta . +250000km (new transmission installed)

I have an issue with the automatic transmission that wont change gear only between 1st-2nd its stuck on 1st gear,

but i can make it shift to 2nd only when the car is in motion around 30 km/hr, I shift the gear to N, turn the engine off then on without waiting for the ringing sound finish, shift to D, it shifts to 2nd 3rd 4th 5th without any issue, but if the car slows down in traffic for example it will be stuck on 1st again,

if the traffic is on a slope and its stuck on 1st gear i shift to N around 2 mins then shift to D it will go to 2nd gear no problem.

last year when this problem occur, i do this trick it will be a problem free for a couple of weeks.

any advice! thanks in advance

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Whoever installed the new (?) transmission screwed it up.  Take it back to be done correctly.

hi thank you for your reply, what i mean by new transmission is that it was working properly until this problem started to happen

Posted by: @hassan-koubeissi

what i mean by new transmission is that it was working properly until this problem started to happen

If it's the original 21-year-old transmission when is the last time it was serviced? Does it have enough fluid and what is its condition?

the original was replaced by as you can say a like new one and that was since 4 years, i dont know if the transmission is low on fluid or is it an electrical issue

So start with the simple stuff, check fluid level and condition. Much more than that is going to require a fancy bidirectional scan tool.

Hi Chuck hope your doing good, i took it today to a specialized workshop plug it to a scanner, everything appeared to be good no codes appeared, took it for a spin while the scanner is plugged in and what we noticed is the car computer is shifting to 2nd and 3rd while pressing down the gas pedal but actually the transmission isnt responding to computer order it looks like a transmission valve body malfunction


So 4 years ago you got a used transmission and you don't know what the fluid level is now?  Go for transmission number 3.