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Which Toyota Highlander should I buy


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Hi, I am looking to purchase a 2020 or new highlander with a v6 engine, is there any years I should avoid?

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The Highlander I would avoid is paying more than MSRP.


I'd say any Highlander from 2017 onwards are the ones I'd prefer to stay away from. The reason is that those particular years have GDI and more technology than the older ones did at that time. I'm not saying that they're bad vehicles, but with the technology that's added into them, it's best to get one with more simple and less technical features on and in the Highlander. The newer ones won't hold up as long as the older Highanders would fyi. And as I said that the 2017-present Highanders are a good recommendation, definitely stay the heck away from the new ones with the I-4 turbo which I know you don't want obviously.