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Vw Phaeton


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After a few journeys if I switch the car off and then try to start then it just does 2 of the following 

1 The engine keeps trying to start. Inside the car it says engine starting but it doesn't start. 

2. The car starts but dies in like a second or so. 


I have to leave the car overnight and the next day it will start perfectly fine. 

The car is a 3.0 VW Phaeton. Diesel 2008 model. 75k miles on the clock.  

The local mechanic thinks it's the imobaliser or throttle body. I don't have the obd codes 

Any help would be appreciated. 




2 Answers

Clean the throttle body with spray cleaner and scan the vehicle for any codes. 



When the car does not start, try this: Press the gas pedal all way down and start the car and see what happens.