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Where’s the camshaft position sensor located in my Land Rover?


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At someone's recommendation I bought a camshaft position sensor ( but I can't find where to replace it.  Do you know where the sensor exists on this 2005 Land Rover LR3 (V8 4.4L engine)?  I can't find it anywhere online.

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Hope this helps -

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InThrustWeTrust - Thanks!  I actually had seen that post with the pics before, but I think they're wrong.  That bolt is not 10mm but 8mm and after I took it off I saw that it was not the same sensor at all.  It may be the knock sensor that someone else questioned at the bottom of that post.   And unfortunately, those wrong photos from that post are the only ones I can find anywhere about the cam sensor location.

Any other suggestions of how to find the right sensor location?


Maybe this will help -


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As a follow-up, the original cam position sensor was apparently wrong even though several auto parts websites say it's right.  So I got the right Cam Position Sensor this time and replaced it (I could never find where the other one went but assume it wasn't for this Land Rover after all). So after making sure the battery was fully charged and adding extra couple gallons of premium gas for good measure, it's having the same problems. It took a lot to get it started and when it did, it sounds just the same as in the video.

Any other suggestions?