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White smoke out tailpipe


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Hey anyone who reads this I have a Ford Fusion 2007 with 190,740 on it it’s been my daily for a couple months now(6) yesterday I was driving home and I saw white smoke coming out of my tailpipe so I thought I blew a head gasket but the thing is there’s no knocking,creamy oil it’s not over heating and it drives like it did before it came out the end. I recently got some welding done on the flex pipe needed a new one I did drive over some puddles on my way home don’t know if water got into it or anything 

but after I let it air out it drove again for 5 mins then started smoking again remind you it is not heavy white smoke it has light smoke then heavy then it stops any ideas ??


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Puffy white smoke is most likely burning coolant.

Posted by: @cars4life-com

there’s no knocking,creamy oil it’s not over heating and it drives like it did before

There are multiple ways a headgasket can fail. If this is due to a failing headgasket, it would be the seal between a coolant jacket & a combustion chamber failing to seal, letting the car burn coolant. You could do 2 things to confirm this, check for the presence of exhaust gas in your coolant (theres a kit for that), and monitor your coolant level. It could also be something like a failing intake manifold gasket, allowing coolant to get into the intake runner, and burn. I would start there.

Is it harder to start when cold, or does it have a misfire when cold? That could be from coolant getting into a cylinder as the engine cools down, and then making it harder for that cylinder to fire when you cold start it. 


If it's cold outside then faint white smoke is relatively normal. It's actually steam. Try again then it warms back up to say with greater certainty if it's a blowing head gasket or not. When it's warm and dry, it shouldn't smoke at all. 

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I just drove it it is not smoking anymore any update maybe some snow or something should I be cautious of anything ?