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Why does my engine leak oil?


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Hey Scotty, I recently bought a 2013 Chevy Cruze. I’ve noticed that for a bit of time the top left side of the engine leaks oil. I changed out the valve cover gasket and it still leaks. Also one of the screws on the valve cover won’t go down and screws in place. What should I do?

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Posted by: @jlandd

one of the screws on the valve cover won’t go down

if the bolt is stripped, then replace it.

If the thread is stripped, then use a timesert, or drill and tap for a larger bolt


You already got the answer three days ago. Have you tried it? Anu update?


You are clearly in way over your head with these problems.  Find a professional mechanic.


Look it up in a  a shop repair manual for whichever nut or bolt you are tightening.

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Hey Scotty, I have a 2013 chevy Cruze with 127K miles on it. I’ve noticed that recently it’s been leaking oil from the valve cover. I noticed that one of the screws of the valve cover won’t screw down but instead stays in place. What should I do?

Automatic Transmission. Bought this car from Facebook 

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My guess is that either the valve cover gasket needs changing, or that one screw you refer it down needs to be screwed in properly. Also, someone may have cross threaded and/or stripped the threads of the screw or the home it goes into. 

Is it a lot of oil, or just minor seeping?

It’s minor seeping and a quick update for my car. The exhaust pipes are blowing out lots of white smoke and the turbo doesn’t function properly as well a knocking sound in the engine. I need a torque wrench in order to put the engine back properly so do you know the kind that I need ? Also I did buy a new gasket as that might fix the problem

I have a torque wrench from EP Auto bought on Amazon. They also have some at harbor freight. Just make sure it has the torque range you need.

What would be the ideal torque range for an inline 4 engine on my 2013 Chevy Cruze ?