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Why is my car knocking when braking or over a road with bumps


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Scotty i got a knocking sound coming from front left- center when braking you can hear a knock when the car is almost stoped and then on road with bumps you can hear multiple knocks , is funy if i go forward and keep braking you can hear the knock but if i go backwards and brake nothing, you can hear it going forwards and backwards on roads with bumps but not braking which I find it very weird, don’t feel anything in the steering no problem steering no noise no nothing i had a look and other people but nobody did a very deep check, just bushings, tie road like what usually everybody would check, it’s only on the left cuz if o take bumps only with the right side nothing but immediately i take bumps on the left side you can hear the knocks , this year i did a lot off work on the car , some myself some with a fried some a mechanic, I changed the brakes disc , pads and everything, got brand new tires, change the lower arm , control lower arm , ball joint, tier road ( after when for wheel alignment) , sway bars and just days ago the shock absorber, coil spring, and the mounting on top , all of this is done on front both side excluding brake with is done in the rear as well, honestly i dont know exactly what to do anymore everybody is checking the bushings and that but nobody finds anything weird cuz everything is brand new and they suggest to leave it and when is going worse i will be able to figure it out but the thing is i have this for months and is driving me crazy, i got this nice car with a very annoying noise , the car is an audi a4 b8 2.0 tdi with 100k , most off the thing i hand to change on the car cuz of the mileage and the noise is for half an year bugging me, i don’t know is there is anything lose or the cv axle is going bad or the steering rack cuz those are the only things I didn’t change so far, my mind is telling me to take the brake caliper off and have a good look there but to be honest this noise is such a nightmare that even with that i have doubts, can you help me with any suggestion any tip , anything will be helpful
I gone leave a link with the noise I’m having

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see our FAQ under "my car is making noise"