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Was this used car a good purchase


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Hi Scotty, I am  from Canada, Recently in august i bought 2016 Subaru outback 2.5l 4cyl premium withODO 150k km on it for the price 15k CAD from dealership. Its almost 3k-4k less per KBB. Clear carfax. Just driven around 1500km on it and don’t see any major issues so far. Of course I have to change the oil as the last it was done during January and almost driven 9k  km on it. Dealership technician honestly reported that minor oil seapage observed and will be doing good with regular maintenance. The mechanic who inspected vehicle on my behalf also agreed upon said the problem may not occur so soon and worst case the repair wouldn’t cost much. So what is your opinion on

1. Was that good deal? 

2. how about CVT? This vehicle cvt seems fine so far no slippage Heard some issues and replacements for these older models( this vehicle has warranty till 160k km).

3. On avg vehicle driven around 20-22k km every year maintenance history shows it’s decent what causing minor oil seapage ? 


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Posted by: @ravikanth

Was that good deal? 

I have no idea what the going price would be for one of those in Canada. Chances are used car prices are at least as crazy there as they are in the U.S.

Posted by: @ravikanth

how about CVT?

The best way to extend the life of the CVT is to take it easy (no towing, avoid jackrabbit starts) and change the fluid regularly.

Posted by: @ravikanth

what causing minor oil seapage ? 

That depends on where it's seeping from, which you failed to mention. Subaru does use an adhesive sealant instead of gaskets in some places which can break down over time and cause oil leaks.

Posted by: @ravikanth

Clear carfax.

That doesn't mean much since not everything is reported to them.