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2004 Toyota Solora won’t start up


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I have a 2004 Toyota Solora Sle V6 Convertible with 282,000 miles automatic . One day I took it out for a drive to the store , it was running perfectly fine. When I came out the store and tried to start the car it wouldn’t start. This wasn’t a battery issue the battery is brand new and all my dash light and headlights work . When I try to start the car it sounds like something is spinning but just not igniting the engine. No clicking sounds or grinding sounds . I do believe it could be the starter but I just had a new one put in about a month ago. I had the car towed to a mechanic and he said it looks like it’s the flex plate that needs replacing . However I noticed he was able to start my car with just hitting the starter and I was able to drive my home but of course when you turn off the car it won’t start back up again . Does this sound like a flex plate issue? Is that normal for an automatic ? or is this just an issue with my starter. He is quoting me at around a $680 to fix and idk if what he is saying is correct or not or if it’s worth it. Should I get a second opinion? I’m curious as to what is really going on . I’m a woman and I don’t want to get ripped if I can help it ! I live in RI and in desperate need of a trustworthy mechanic Thanks so much Scotty

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hard to say such little info. Yes a damaged flexplate can cause starting issues.

Never hurts to get a second opinion. You might even save money.

It's good to have a mechanic you can trust.


Replace the starter. If then the car will start with no issues, get another mechanic.

replace her month old starter? When she says she can hear it working?

Sorry, I missed that one. @crissy_fu did the mechanic hit the new starter or the previous one?