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car starts and immediately stalls


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Hi, scotty, I have a 2000 honda civic with d15b engine and cvt transmission. Bought the car 3 yes ago. My issue is that since I change the blown head gasket and skimmed the head .  I was able to drive the car around okay for 3 days to me it started fine and I was able to drive around. The 4th morning I came out start the car and it then rpm slowly went down and the car shuts of . Tried a few other times it starts but then dies out. I start rev it a few times put it in drive and it dies. I went under the hood got someone to start it and i rev the engine and kept it at a level while checking the spark plug wires . I found that the engine did nothing when I remove one of the plug wire. I then check the spark plug and it was fine. Then I checked the cylinder by doing a pressure test and it was very low the pressure test needle very low moving up and down but the other cylinders the pressure test needle was very high and also the engine responded as how it should when I removed the other 3 plugs one by one.  What do you think about my issue and what I have done so far? Also what do u think my issue is and how to fix?

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measure your fuel pressure