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Buying a used Lexus


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Do you know anyone you can recommend in the Rochester, NY area who can scan a used car I plan on buying before I purchase it? I am looking to purchase an approx 10 year old Lexus from a private party. I like the ES300h for gas mileage. I currently own a 2012 CT200h but it is too low to the ground for my old body. I realize the hybrid batteries are something to watch. so far I have been lucky with my CT200h with 145,000 miles. It has little problems other than normal maintenance. I did have to replace some suspension parts but that is to be expected in older cars. I will probably give the CT200h to my son and drive the old man car ES300h. I do see a lot more used ES350's for sale than the hybrid version. I just want to pick a well maintained used car with no major issues.

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Find a trustworthy mechanic who does pre-purchase inspections.