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Should I replace the oil pump


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2011 Lexus es350 139,922 I have a low oil pressure light flashing on the dash. I brought it to a local garage and they said the oil pump is bad and quoted $3600 repair 16 hours of labor. I called a Lexus dealership and they said 12 hours of labor plus pump. Is it worth repairing or time to move on?

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Has anybody checked the actual pressure with a gauge? Those electronic sensors can go bad and trip the oil pressure light even though the oil pressure is fine. If you're not lazy, do timely oil changes, and just monitor the oil level from time to time, this is may be your issue.


Oil pressure isn't just dictated by the pump. The tightness of the parts in the engine plays a part as well. If you have worn out bearings, your oil pressure will be low, regardless of oil pump health. It's like putting your finger over the nozzle of a hose or allowing it to just flow out onto the ground. The pressure output from the wall (the oil pump) is the same, the tightness of the engine parts (your finger over the nozzle) dictates pressure upstream of the pump. If you check your oil and maintain your vehicle, this probably isn't a problem. 



You can't trust anybody these days I told the garage that I brought my car to for my low oil pressure light issue that I just had the oil changed at one of those fast oil change places valvoline could they have screwed anything up? Well they said no. I told them to not make the $3600 oil pump repair and I picked my car up and followed my hunch. I drained out my oil and removed the filter housing and there was the problem. Filter housing was missing the metal tube and the filter was all crushed and had the spring and metal piece flopping around inside. I went to my local Autozone and bought a new filter housing which came assembled for $35. Installed new filter and oil and started the car up and no more low oil pressure light and the engine was running quite as usual. I was really pissed this could have caused catastrophic engine failure and/or expensive repair. Lesson learned the hard way.

Never, ever go to those Valvoline Instant Oil Changes or Jiffy Lube type places, we can't stress it enough. They don't care about your car, they're making $12 an hour. I know a person who had oil changed at a quick oil change joint and they used the wrong filter. They only had a half a quart left. There were metal filings in the pan. You're extremely fortunate you didn't have any damage. Just change it yourself from now on. It's simple to do on most cars and you know it was done right Smile I don't let anybody touch my cars unless I know what the problem is and I can't fix it myself.

Thank you murphdog456 for your story and resolution. I have an '07 ES350 with over 200K miles & change oil & filter myself. If such a situation happens with my Lexus, you helped me & others know what to look for without spending a fortune on professional diagnosis or repairs.


Your choice now is to spend the $3600 to fix it or come up with $9000 down payment to purchase a new vehicle with an average price tag of $45K. 

Though is there a chance the failed oil pump & low oil pressure caused internal damage?