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Misc: Car Shows back the late 70's and early 80's


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Hi Scotty.

Do you remember going to custom and or classic car shows back in the day and noticing some of the muscle cars with an open trunk had 3 one gallon metal cans mounted in a row next to each other? They were just as pristine as the vehicle they are in. I believe each can had been painted with one word on each: Gas on one can, Alcohol on the next can, Water on the third can? It might have been Gas, Alcohol and oil, not sure. Any way I'm looking for photos of this so I can pass it on to younger car enthusiasts. I've tried searching with multiple key words but cant find any old photos. Any suggestions for key words for my searching would be greatly appreciated . Thanks.


Joe McFadden

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Well good luck on that. I tried and I didn't have any luck either finding any pictures

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Thanks for trying Scotty!