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Hi Scotty,

As I've been looking for a car for the past 3-4 months I decided to go with a 2019 vw sportswagen.  However, while stumbling across your videos I think I'm am now a luddite when it comes to cars at least for the moment under the circumstances I am under.  With that said, I also came across a 1969 VW squareback for sale ($12,500) near me from a private party.  I remember your video on this car and you mentioning that it was fairly easy to maintain, which is a central concern for me when buying a car.  So I was wondering what I should look for when visiting him and what I should ask.  Here is the link on Offerup:

Thanks for your time and knowledge. Hope to hear from you soon.




Forgot to mention that I have briefly been in touch with him and received some extra info. The engine is a 1600 with dual carburetors.

Thanks again!

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As a toy or project, sure.


Anything else, no.

Thanks for your input. Appreciate it.


If you want a weekend toy, go a head, otherwise, forget it.


If you want a daily driver stay away from VW and anything that old. Go Toyota or Honda for a daily. 

Yeah I was afraid of this truth. I would just have sacrifice a bit of aesthetic pleasure. Thanks for your input.


Woh woh man you were considering 2019 MY then 1969 MY? Anyways, the Sportswagen is a nice looking car but won't hold up over time. The 1969 Veedub is a pretty car I must say VW always made nice cars but its so old it won't be worth your time for anything more than a project car. Sure those old VWs were easy to maintain but times have passed. Shortly, its too old.

What exactly do you want? A classic car? A modern car? Any car? A to B car? Price range? Can you specify please. 


A car that will last quite some time without many issues over time (no such thing?). $20,000 more or less. I was looking at the subaru impreza as well since they're starting under $19,000. The Honda Insight I was also looking at, but I kinda would like a hatchback of some sort, which is why I was strongly considering the VW wagen.

Subaru Impreza is an OK car. Around 100k miles they do tend to have the transmission go out which is a $4-7k rebuild/replacement.
Avoid Honda Insight, hybrids have HIGH maintenance and repair costs, and if you did consider one Toyota makes better hybrids than Honda in terms of reliability and repair costs.
I might want to throw in cars like the Toyota Corolla (sedan) I like the 2014-2016 MY as they are reliable and more modern than before, and you can get one for <$10.000. And for a hatchback, maybe the Honda FIt. For wagon, its hard really to find one in the US. Maybe a first generation Toyota Venza? Honda Civic also has a hatchback/wagon variant but it comes with a 1.5 engine prone to oil dilution. If you could get a 2020-2021 MY you would also consider a Toyota Corolla hatchback, or maybe a 2014-2017 Mazda 3 hatchback. Good luck!

Thanks Karem. Appreciate it! I'll look into those that you've mentioned and also the Lexus IS 250 2013 preferably.

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Thanks for your reply.


On the wheeler dealer show, the guys restored a 1970 vw fastback type 3 and they sold it for 11k. (pre-covid 2019). But one main concern on an old car (52 yrs. old in this case) you need to look for any signs of rust. From the pictures it looks ok, and if it's been properly restored could be ok. But would only use it on nice weather weekends, not something I'd rely on for any long trips. But do what's best for you...Good Luck.

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. Right now I'm working as a local substitute, so anywhere I travel would be 20 miles tops round trip, which is why I was considering it.


You could get it and maybe a beater with it for a couple hundred so that then you have something reliable to go with it