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Will lacquer thinner clean my catalyst?


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02 toyota camry XLE 3.0 v6

I seen your video about cleaning catalytic converters with lacquer thinner. Just wondering if it will work my car as well? Also what brand/kind of thinner do you use?


Ian cruz

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I would not add a solvent like lacquer thinner to the fuel. It will start dissolving plastic and rubber parts in the fuel system. A friend of mine tried it and he ended up with an $1100.00 bill to fix the engine.

you do know that gasoline is, essentially, a solvent right?

The car is designed for gasoline not lacquer thinner. I would not be recommending lacquer thinner. The liability issue make me shy away from recommending anything other than what the manufacturer recommends. I would think that most warranties would be voided if you admitted that you added lacquer thinner to the fuel.

I don’t recommend it because it probably won’t work, but realistically it won’t cause any harm. The difference is one or two carbon atoms.


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