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08 Escape transmission replacement?


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  1. I have an 08 escape FWD automatic 3.0 v6 XLT 176,000 miles . And 2 years ago the transmission was grinding into and out of 2nd hard shift into 4. I had 2 bands replaced in the transmission. Shifted fine until now, its slipping, from 2nd to 3rd up down up 4,000rpm and then to 4th. A new and improved guts transmission is $4,000 installed. Would a new transmission work right with a 176,000 mile engine? If I have a new radiator/ alternator same time. Would it last? (Taken care of). Be worth the money/time it lasts? 
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I wouldn't spend $4k + on a 2008 Escape with high mileage, no.


Not worth it, even if the replacement transmission turns out OK the rest of that thing is going to be falling apart soon. Time to look for a replacement vehicle.


That vehicle is at the end of its life.  I would not sink money into it.