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1st gen CRV good car?


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My friend has a 96 or 97 I think, Honda crv AWD. Engine starts up runs, but trans slips


Comes with a good trans in the trunk. Also he’s giving me an extra engine with 180k. Friend said he knows someone who can replace both for $500 total.

The CRV costs $500, and I get backup engine and trans replaced for $500

So like 1,000 total. Is this a good deal?

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no. run.

Posted by: @scottydaman2023


In too many ways to count. You're not even starting out with it running and driving properly. (How do you even know the transmission in the trunk is good, or how long it will last?) There are an enormous number of things that can and will go wrong with a 27 year old vehicle.

My friend has 3 of these cars with good engine and transmissions. I see parts cars for 500 or less all the time and this is a very close friend. He will either refund me or make it right.

It's your money, as well as time that will be spent trying to sort the thing out. Maybe you'll get lucky, maybe not.


good car when they were new, and good car if it's still running but seems like a hassle. if you trust your friend to do it right, then it might be worth a gamble. the most you'll lose is 1000 right?


It’s only a good deal if it runs, and there are no other major issues grounding the vehicle.  Even then, it’s a 27 year old vehicle with a backup used engine and transmission that who knows what state they are in.  Was the vehicle meticulously care for throughout its life?   At 27 years lots of TLC will be needed to make it run right.


I personally would have passed on it.


Sounds like an endless money pit waiting to happen.