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Hello Scotty,
I have two vehicles...and I need to get rid of one.  I am extremely handy around cars, so I can usually fix most issues that arise at home.  LOVE your You-Tube videos, BTW.  Based upon my experience-level AND the longevity of each vehicle, which should I keep?

EACH has 200,000 miles on it. I purchased each when they had 108,000 miles.  Only used either as a daily super-commuter (200 miles/weekday & leisure stuff for the last 100,000 miles.

Only run Mobil-1/extended in the 2014 Escape 2.0L Ecoboost (change every 10k), for the last 90,000 miles.  I ONLY run Ams-Oil in the 2003 Explorer-2dr with the Cologne 4.0L SOHC V6 (change every 20k with Ams-Oil EaO filter), for the last 90,000 miles.

Installed a catch-can in the Escape, shortly after purchase, for the GDI carbon fouling on the intake valves.  Bore-scoped them and they are OK.  Escape keeps throwing P0234 (turbo overboost) during moderate acceleration, when engine is warming up (<10min running from cold).  I figure it's a sensor or wastegate issue.  Also, needs a 4-wheel alignment due to an odd tire-wear pattern developing.

The Explorer needs NOTHING except a set of shocks.  No clattering timing chain or chain-guide cassette issues at all (I attribute that to the Ams-oil and primary hwy-miles usage).  The 5R55E trans is smooth as silk.  Run Ams-oil in the trans, too.  Transfer case (electronics & mechanicals) operate properly.  Use Napa Gold in the transfer case.  Diff fluids appear good.  Replaced the upper control arms recently.  Troubleshooting a very minor GEM issue at the moment.  Paint is fair for a black SUV.

The Escape is peppy with it's 242hp Ecoboost 2.0L engine and light body.  The Explorer is moderately gutless with it's 205hp 4.0L SOHC V6 driving a classic body-on-frame SUV...but good enough for me.  It's 4WD capabilities (in my 2-dr version) is really hard to beat.  No snow where I live...but the Sierras and Yosemite are 2 hours away.


Which would you recommend I keep?  Anything I should know that would be key in my decision making??  Your advice is greatly valued and I thank you in advance.

MY THOUGHTS:  Though the Escape 11-years newer and is superior in most categories, it seems to be built in an era when cars are engineered to be disposable, due to rapidly changing tech; making them obsolete before their time.  The Explorer seems to have been built more solidly, back in the time just before bells/knobs/whistles and beauty covers.  My gut says KEEP the Explorer, due to no mechanical issues and no turbocharger.  Also, the transverse power trains (on the Escape) can be a real pain to work on.  Not so on the Explorer, with it's conventional power-train configuration.  I can pull an engine or drop a tranny with much less effort (seems to me).  



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Keep the Explorer and dump the Escape.