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2003 Honda Pilot VTM-4 issues


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Got a 2003 Honda Pilot with 200,300 miles on er. Regular maintenance, engine purrs and trans “shifts like a dream”; success story of how regular maintenance will carry a good vehicle a long time.

VTM-4 light pops on the dashboard after driving for 30 seconds or so/ going 20-25 ish miles per hour.

However, going at lower speeds (below the aforementioned speed) I can still activate VTM-4.

This has been happening for a few months, so I did a drain and refill of the rear diff with Honda genuine VTM-4 fluid, as well as changed out the VTM-4 sensor (aka oil temperature sensor), with a Honda genuine oil temperature sensor.

No joy... VTM-4 light still pops on.

I haven’t actually put it up on jack stands to see if all 4 wheels are engaging.

Any advice?

ps-this is one of the greatest informational hubs on the internet

I should also add, I did a scan using the OBDII scanner Scotty recommended in his “this scan tool changes everything” video.

No codes popped up.

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Well those systems are very touchy as they age first jacket up and see if the things actually working if it is I would ignore it if not you really going to have to find somebody like me with a dealer level scan tool to do bi-directional testing to see if perhaps a solenoid is wrong

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Yea I’ll definitely do that.

I drove it around on some wet grass and the 4wd seemed to be working, but again, right when I start approaching 25 mph, VTM-4 light goes on.

Checked all the wiring going to the rear diff, no fraying and everything seems to be plugged in.

This car is a great vehicle . I hope to restore it to its former glory.

Also, Scotty, I appreciate the response!