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2004 Sequoia ATF missing


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Hey Scotty! I was about to do a transmission fluid change on my 2004 Sequoia and I decided to check the fluid with the engine running at operating temperature, and I noticed that the fluid was not all the way up to the "HOT" zone in the dipstick. I checked where I was parked and it was a flat-level surface. Could it be that the transmission burned a bit of fluid over time? What are your suggestions on what I should do in this case? Thanks!

Sorry I was unable to post a picture like I used to.


Clarification: Mileage? Also, when was the last time the ATF fluid was changed?

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Well if it's just a little bit down you can get small leaks sometimes over time you can even have some of it slightly evaporate. You could put a tiny bit of UV transmission fluid leak detector and then use yellow sunglasses in a UV light to see if there are leaks anywhere on the transmission after you drive it 100 miles or so

Ok, thank you Scotty!


Transmissions in those Sequoia's are seriously bulletproof, as is the engine.  As long as the level is ballpark you'll be fine.