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2005 Toyota Camry XLE whistling when accelerating


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I bought my '05 Camry XLE a little over a year ago with 110k miles on it. It now has ~125k. It started making a whistling noise when I accelerated at highway speeds. If I push harder in the pedal it goes away, same thing if I let off the gas altogether. The serpentine belt had to get replaced and I thought maybe that was the issue but it still persists. I wonder if it's a fuel injector or something but I have no idea. No check engine light or adverse affects that I've noticed, just a super high pitched whistling/hissing noise

Can you please make a YouTube video of the noise & post the link here?

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Well sometimes it's as simple as a PCV valve they whistling they get old from wind restriction. Could also be clogged up accelerator throttle assembly you can do my video and make your car run better with the little spray cleaner.