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2008 Infiniti M35X After it sits about 10 -15 min is spark knoks


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Hello Scotty and Everyone Else.

I got 2008 Infinity M35X 154k. I put 93 octane from shell.It runs fine but after I drive for a 10 to any miles and when I stop and shot car off for 5 to 20 min it spark knoks and then it stops.Got new plugs, filter, pcv valve, cam shafts sensor's. Clean mass sensor and throttle body. No Codes. 

Is got little leak around valcover, I can smell oil sometimes. But not bad enough to get to the ground. 

Please help can't figure out. Or supposed to do that. 

Thank you so much and thanks for the videos. 

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Well, if it's not going at that particular time it would mean your engine is flooding out when you stop it because it's getting too much fuel and flooding out the engine. Try some fuel injector cleaner. Probably it's just dirty injectors leaking when they're hot and sitting

Thank you Soo much for answering.
Keep making videos and teach us about cars. I'm Born in Ukraine and I have family that watch your show.
Thanks again and God Bless.
I got omore one question?
When I did put Racing Gas about half of gallon to whole tank of 93 it wasn't spark knoks.
Any advice on that.?


Scotty doesn't respond if you comment his answers. He answered you also in this video at 3:26


Check that your ignition timing is correct and not over advancing.