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Should I buy this vehicle


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Hey Scotty im looking to buy a second hand Discovery sport 2015 to 2017 do you any advice?

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General answer before any other information is provided is no don't buy a Land Rover. Here's one reason:


do you any advice?

Well, I do: look away.

Discovery sport 2015 to 2017

I can not think of a worse money pit.

They took a Ford EcoBoost and a Fiat 9 speed - the powertrain does not last, at all.

And later models with British engines turned out to be even worse, somehow.


Oh and the best part, that car? is not a Range Rover - it's an Indian made TATA!

"even worse, somehow" hahaha


Depending on your model year, you could be getting a Ford EcoBoost engine or a JLR Ingenium engine. Scotty isn’t too fond of the EcoBoost engines. 

Definitely stay away from any automatic transmission Discovery Sports. They have bad ZF 9 speed transmissions.