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[Solved] Is it bad to idle at ~2000rpm to warm up faster?


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I drive an old vehicle (not that old, since its fuel injected). I use good quality modern synthetic oil so I don't have to worry about oil being thicker in cold weather. Because of that I usually don’t do a proper warmup. But in some weather conditions, it is necessary to have the heating on right away so my windows won’t get fogged up. It takes 10 minutes or more for heating to be usable at normal idle speed. However, if I apply the throttle to reach ~2000 rpm the engine warms up much faster. Does doing that hurt anything considering that it has a manual transmission and there is no catalytic converter to warm up?

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No, you don't want to rub it up to warm it up. You just want to idle it normal speed

Posted by: @george02

there is no catalytic converter to warm up

I think you mean torque converter.  And TC's don't warm up in the park gear anyway. (not that you should need to)


The best way to get the heat going is to drive.


Cars should high idle on cold start up themselves, let it does its thing. 


Video answer at 2:23


If it's not warming up fast enough for you, you might want to make sure your thermostat is in good working condition, but I would not rev it to warm up faster.  Best way is to put a load on the engine (turn on the headlights, radio, interior lights, etc.) so that it warms up faster.  It would be really helpful if you answered the questions in the first paragraph - year, make, model, engine, auto or stick, etc.