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2009 Honda Accord Oil Leak.


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  1. Hello Scotty! (or whoever reads this) I have a 2009 Honda accord, it is the EX-L V6 model. (3.5L) I had noticed some oil around the dipstick and realized there was a leak going on. Looks to be seeping right out of the dipstick tube! I replaced the PCV Valve hopeing maybe it was being overpressurized. Still a small amount of oil leaking from the area but seems to be better than before. No engine error codes or anything, seems to run great for 100000 miles. Should I be worried?
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Posted by: @redlemons

Looks to be seeping right out of the dipstick tube!

Use this technique to positively identify the source of the leak -

Posted by: @redlemons

Should I be worried?

Not unless you’re losing alarming quantities of oil or if the leak is dripping oil onto the ground. 


Get a new dipstick with a new seal.  Replacing the PCV valve probably solved the over pressurized crankcase problem.  I always clean or replace the PCV valve with each oil/filter change, just for quality.  It's only a few bucks more.

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Thanks everyone! Unfortunately i dont have the equipment to find the exact spot at the moment but I will check soon! And I will also get a new dipstick Smile

before i replaced the PCV there was only a few drops on the ground, waiting overnight to check again in the morning