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2011 ford f150 clunking noise in 4x4


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Hey i have a 2011 Ford f150 xlt 4x4 has a 2 inch leveling kit on 35s its making a thumping or clunking noise only in 4 wheel drive when i let off the gas and slow down at about 80 kmh the front left cv axle is brand new the 4 wheel drive is working as it should two new iwes all the balljoints and tierod ends are brand new wheel bearings are good just trying to figure it out also the truck has 250000 kms

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if it only happens while in 4WD mode, then you should get your transfer case looked at.

Keep in mind that on ford the front drive shaft front diff and front axles do not turn when in 2 wheel drive it is completely disconnect from wheels

ok so problem could be in any one of those components. See if you can rent one of those "chassis ear" gizmos.

Have you ever heard of a inner cv joint causing a clunking noise only when slowing down


 Driveshaft u joints.

Drive shaft has cv joints no u joints i was thinking that but i dont feel it right under my seat where the drive shaft is i had someone say the can feel in on the passenger side have you ever heard of an inner cv joint on the front axle clunking only when letting off the gas

You said 4 wd. What about the u joints on the rear driveshaft?

Checked the u joints on rear drive shaft feel tight has a shop check them and they said it they look good also but only doing it in 4wd