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[Solved] How do I maintain my Volvo


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Hey Scotty,

My girlfriend bought a 2011 Volvo XC60 T6 with 97,000 miles on it last spring. It now has about 105,000 miles. I am wondering what kind of fluid maintenance it is needing so it lasts a long time? I have tried researching the manufacturer recommended schedule online but can't find concrete answers.

It is twin charged AWD which I am unfamiliar with when fluids need to be changed at what mileage markers. Obviously engine oil every 5k but what else for an AWD twin charged car? 


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Service and Maintenance Schedules begin on page 14 of the Warranty and Maintenance Records Information booklet


Thanks Jack, but it is not showing ever needing to change transfer case fluid, differential fluid, or coolant? Only states "change automatic transmission fluid every 52,500 miles / 84,000 kilometers, only on vehicles used for towing, or when a message displays in the Instrument Panel Text Window".
Curious as Scotty has warned about cars stating "lifetime fluid" in their cars.

Yeah, Scotty does warn about lifetime fluid claims by manufacturers
These days most manufacturers recommend changing engine coolant every 2 years.
As far as changing the automatic transmission fluid, you're over 100,000 miles. If you were down closer to 60,000, I'd say go ahead and change it. But if you don't know if it's ever been changed before, I would not do it now